A complete guide to beard care

The beard is the distinctive and characteristic element of every man. Some prefer it short and others like it rather voluminous. Whatever your beard looks like, it will always look great if it is well cared for. Here's a little manual to help you manage your face better and some tips on how to maintain your beard.

When caring for your beard, remember that it grows every day

The first thing to understand is that your beard is always growing. Therefore, a perfectly trimmed beard takes a few days to become wild again. Generally speaking, the shorter the beard hair, the more often it needs to be trimmed. If you have a trimmed style, take the time to keep it neat every couple of days. If you have a thick beard, however, once or twice a week may be sufficient. It is therefore advisable to use the beard trimmer or a suitable razor with an ideal comb to perform the operation. Cleanliness is the key to good beard care. If your morning routine consists of a quick wash of your face, your beard may suffer the consequences. Do you know how to clean a beard? Washing your beard means keeping it beautiful and fragrant. If you wash it with shampoo, add a drop of beard balm to soften spiky hairs. It's a good idea to try different products to find the best conditioner for you.

Taming the unruly beard

If you have a more or less voluminous fleece, apply beard oil regularly. Then comb the stubble downwards. Beard oil is one of the best beard care products. It softens the hair, while pomade or wax can be used to shape your beard and mustache. Beard care is a luxury, not a chore. Therefore, you don't have to fill your bathroom with dozens of expensive products. To keep your beard clean, avoid touching or stroking it too much. Also, avoid using your beard as a bib for bits of food. Trim the whiskers around the lips. This will make it much easier to learn to eat and drink without anything getting stuck in your beard.