Contact Center and Call Center: What's the Difference?

Most of the time, the use of the expression contact center is confused with call center. These two words have since been used as synonyms. However, the two expressions, as similar as they are, mean different actions. In this article, you will discover the difference between these two terms.

What is the contact center?

Knowing the difference between call center and reception center is not only semantic. Naturally, it is also defined in the activity. So find here the nuance that exists between these two terms. So, without further ado, let's start with the contact center. It is a contact activity through various communication channels. Increasingly popular in marketing, it is a form of complementary service that allows customers to obtain information through existing channels and in real time. It works on the basis of call distribution. This improves the productivity of each agent dealing with and therefore to satisfy the users. With a modular system and scenarios, subscribers are supported specifically for specific answers on their concerns. Admittedly, this contact option has some limitations including linguistics, the lack of inter-friendliness and perhaps even responds late.

What are the services of a call center?

The call center, as the term specifies, handles telephone calls only. These can be incoming or outgoing and coming from different customers. Agents have an obligation to respond in such a way as to meet the needs of the latter. The activity consists of telemarketing, monitoring purchase operations in order to avoid fraud or other frustration on the part of the customer. It can also consist of contacting customers to make collections and also to do surveys. The call center can be outside or inside the box. It all depends on your needs and expectations. In short, the call center is focused on calls while the contact center offers additional services to reach customers through all digital channels.