Justin Timberlake and His Wife Jessica Biel Welcome Their Second Child

After months of speculation, Justin Timberlake has finally confirmed that he and his wife are parents for a second time. He revealed that his family welcomed their second child last year. They have a new son, named Phineas.

Confirming the Rumors

Reports have been circulating for a long time, since last July precisely, that the famous couple had quietly welcomed their second child, but they kept closely sealed lips, never once addressing the rumors. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel also have a five-year-old son together, named Silas.


Now, however, Timberlake has finally confirmed the joyous news. He did this while on set with Ellen DeGeneres. The pair were filming an interview for The Ellen DeGeneres show which is to be aired on Monday.


“He’s awesome and so cute,” an obviously delighted Justin Timberlake said, while confirming that he and his wife have had to get used to reduced hours of sleep. “Nobody’s sleeping,” he gushed. “But we’re thrilled. We’re thrilled and couldn’t be happier. Very grateful.”

A Lot of Fun

An obviously relaxed Timberlake exuded satisfaction while narrating his experiences with fatherhood for a second time, even joking that he and Jessica “don’t see each other anymore” now that they have two kids to take care of, but noted that he is enjoying it, and it’s a “lot of fun.”


Asked how his elder son Silas is coping with being a big brother, Timberlake said: Right now he’s very much liking it. Phin can’t walk yet or chase him down, so we’ll see what happens.”


Justin and his wife appear to have survived the scandal that rocked their marriage a few years ago when Justin was spotted with his co-star’s hand on his knee when they were out drinking in New Orleans. He was forced to issue a public apology to Jessica, rueing his “lapse in judgment” and insisting that nothing happened between him and the actress.