The different varieties of coffee

Coffee is a food consumed almost everywhere because of its usefulness for the body. What are the varieties of coffee that exist? Discover in the following lines of this article, the four most common varieties.

Coffee arabica

Belonging to the Rubiaceae family, the arabica species is declined in several varieties of which the most known are: the catimor, the bourbon, the pacamara, and the catuai. Click on this link for more information

It should be noted that the species Coffea arabica is derived from Typica which represents the oldest variety. It was first discovered in the fields of the Dutch Indies. The French brought it to the West Indies and little by little, mutation experiments were conducted.

The Arabica species has a double chromosomal structure compared to other types of coffee. This difference imposes great attention and strict requirements during its cultivation. If the cultivation conditions are respected, this type of coffee offers you an accentuated aromatic flavor while doing good to your health.

Coffee canephora

This species also comes from the Rubuaceae family. It is available in five varieties: the conilon variety, the gimé variety, the Nialou variety, the kouillou variety, and the robusta variety.

This last variety robusta is the most cultivated for this species of coffee. It has a simple chromosome structure and resists well to diseases during its cultivation. The taste of robusta is very bitter, full-bodied, and does not offer a desirable aromatic flavor. However, it should be noted that due to its health benefits, it has long been used in Italy for espresso.

Coffee excelsa and coffee liberica

These two species are not well known, but are found in certain regions of Asia and Africa and are produced in limited stocks. According to studies conducted in these production areas, these two types of coffee have well-appreciated aromatic flavors.

Coffee helps you eliminate stress because of a particular substance it possesses. This is caffeine, which helps you to relieve any pressure. Opting for a variety of coffee is a choice that only you can make.